Viking Rings

A typical Viking’s jewelry collection was enormous. They’d have gold, sterling silver, bronze, and stainless steel goods, to name a few. However, while most Celtic jewellery was used for practical purposes like tying clothes together or fastening an outer garment to the wearer’s headpiece, some of their items were just ornamental. Runes, the vegvisir symbol, the valknut, and the yggdrasil, as well as other Norse religious and magical symbols, influenced many of the designs on Viking jewelry’s necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

Wearing one of our Viking rings will make you feel quite at home in the world of Vikings! The Norwegians, who ravaged and occupied areas of Europe during the eighth and eleventh centuries, are the inspiration for these compositions. You will feel like a real Viking warrior thanks to their attention to detail and distinctive finishes. Let us help you select the ideal ring for your jewelry collection now!


Want to get a Viking ring for yourself? The history and significance of these symbols may influence your decision-making process. There are a plethora of design options, each with its own unique connotation. A ring might be the perfect gift for a guy or woman who appreciates originality and sentimentality.

Rune Ring from the Vikings

Viking runes have you ever wondered about them? These strange symbols will be right up your alley. It’s a piece of art in and of itself. These rings are perfect whether you’re searching for a piece of jewelry to show off your Nordic background or just something that stands out. Consider these Viking rune rings if you’re interested in learning more about the ancient runic alphabet!

Vegvisir ring from the Viking era

In search of an original piece of jewelry to complete your wardrobe? The rings in our vegvisir collection are stunning. The classic Viking compass is the inspiration for these rings, which are ideal for history buffs and Celtic jewelry collectors alike. If you’re looking for a piece of jewelry that’s sure to dazzle, look no further than these.

The yggdrasil ring of the Vikings

You can’t help but feel unique when you put on a ring for the first time. Like it has the ability to store all of your secrets and dreams, as well as your biggest hopes and concerns.. So it’s impossible not to be captivated when you see something like the Yggdrasil Viking Ring. Yggdrasil’s elaborate design and deep symbolism ensure that this ring will be the topic of the town wherever you go. If you’re a man with a penchant for Norse mythology, this ring is a must-have for your jewelry collection.

An ancient Viking ring known as the Valknut

Rings modeled after the Valknut symbol are perfect for Viking fans. Odin, the Norse god of battle, is thought to represent strength and might in the Valknut, an old Norse emblem. These rings are a great way to display your Viking pride to every male who wears them!

Ring of the Wolf of the Vikings

The wolf is one of the most well-known emblems of Viking civilization. As a result, it’s no wonder that Viking wolf rings are so popular among Norse mythology fans. This Viking-inspired ring is guaranteed to raise attention, whether you’re wearing it to make a fashion statement or just to express your enthusiasm for Viking culture.

Ring of the Viking Dragon

It’s impossible to deny the allure of a mystical dragon. There are no words to describe the beauty of our dragon ring collection. This collection features a dragon ring for everyone, from the basic and beautiful to the over-the-top and intricate. Now is the time to complete your collection of Celtic jewelry!

The odin ring is a Celtic one.

The Odin-inspired rings in this Viking jewelry collection are suitable for any special event. This range includes something for everyone, whether you’re searching for something unique or a basic present. There’s an odin ring to suit every taste, whether you prefer the traditional or the contemporary. Find the right Viking ring for you by browsing our collection!

The ring of the Celtic ragnar

Do you like the show “Vikings”? Our collection of Celtic rings is perfect for you! It’s no secret that Ragnar is one of the series’ most beloved characters. Program your allegiance to Ragnar and the show by wearing one of our ragnar rings. Make sure you get your hands on this one-of-a-kind item from the Vikings collection now.

The following types of jewelry can be worn with Viking rings:

A wristband that displays your own traits

Men and women can both wear Viking bracelets, which come in a wide variety of styles. They come in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and hues. Metals such as zinc alloy, sterling silver, and stainless steel are among the many materials used to create them. Bracelets are worn by both men and women for a variety of reasons. Some people choose to wear them as a way to express their individuality or to show off their fashion sense. Others do it as a sign of their spiritual or religious devotion. Others do it as a form of self-expression or to show their support for a certain cause. Bracelets come in a variety of styles and designs, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and style. Make sure to check out our collection of Viking bracelets to find the ideal match for your new ring.

Give or receive a Viking necklace with this stylish piece.

A Viking necklace isn’t only a fashion statement; it’s also a symbol of strength and power. Think twice before presenting one as a gift, as the receiver is likely to wear it as a symbol of their social standing. It’s vital to select a necklace made of stainless steel or pure silver, or bronze or zinc alloy if you’re on a tighter budget and want something that will last. Nordic pride may be displayed through the wearing of a Viking necklace.


The first step is to identify the problem. Purchase an additional ring (such as a wedding band) to be worn on the finger that will be receiving your new ring (the size of the fingers often varies from one hand to another.)

Measure the inside diameter of your ring, using a ruler and converting it to millimeters (mm). Then, follow our product page instructions.

Men’s and women’s rings are available in a wide range of sizes, and each product page includes a ring gauge to help you choose the size that’s right for you.