Viking Necklaces / Pendants

Do you enjoy learning about the Vikings and their enigmatic past? If this is the case, our new line of Viking necklaces is sure to please! Intricate motifs based on Norse mythology make these necklaces a must-have for anybody interested in the subject matter. For a unique present or an addition to your personal jewelry collection, these necklaces will not disappoint.

No one can deny that the Vikings were a unique and fascinating people. They had a complex culture and tremendous accomplishments, but their jewelry was also pretty beautiful. Read on to discover more about the Viking necklace line.

There are several Viking-era necklaces in the Viking Necklace Collection, each representing a distinct period in Viking history. Necklaces, pendants, amulets, and rings all fall under this category. Some of these items were just beautiful, while others served a more practical function, such as warding off danger or giving good fortune to the person who wore them.

The amulet representing Thor’s hammer is one of the most common Viking pendants in existence.


There are numerous factors to keep in mind while purchasing a Viking necklace. One of the most significant aspects is the necklace’s symbolic meaning. Next, you’ll have to determine whether you want a pendant or an amulet for your jewelry. In the end, you must select the proper materials. You can select the appropriate Viking necklace for your needs if you follow these guidelines.

If you want a piece of jewelry to reflect your Norse mythology ancestry, make sure it’s both beautiful and meaningful. A Viking necklace is a good choice since it can be worn at any time and will show everyone that you are descended from the Vikings.


Men wearing accessories is becoming increasingly unusual in today’s society. As a matter of fact, men have worn pendants for generations as a symbol of their status. The Viking necklace is the most popular form of men’s necklace in Scandinavia.

Looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of clothing? Men’s Viking necklaces are available in our shop! Wear them to flaunt your Norse heritage or just to admire the beauty of antique jewelry, and you’ll be a hit with everyone. Made from high-quality materials, these pendants are sure to draw attention. So don’t waste any more time and place your purchase now!

The Mjolnir Thora Hammer Symbol Necklace.

With its Thor Viking hammer charm, the necklace is sure to draw attention. A stunning Thor’s hammer pendant adorns the sterling silver chain of this stunning necklace. This necklace is a stunning complement to any wardrobe. Get yours now!

The hammer of Thor is an old and powerful artifact that is claimed to bestow enormous power onto its owner. Only a select handful have succeeded in their quest. The hammer is rumored to be stashed away somewhere, just waiting for the perfect person to find it.

Chain with Valknut inlay

Trying to find a one-of-a-kind necklace? You’ll love the necklace with the valknut pendant! Sterling silver is used to create this stunning valknut pattern. Wear it to show off your Nordic background, or just to add a dash of distinctive fashion flair to your attire. If you don’t order it today, you’ll regret it afterwards!

With its long history and continued significance, the valknut symbol is still widely used today. Beautiful and one-of-a-kind, the valknut is frequently worn as a necklace.

Necklace with Celtic Knots

Adding a dash of opulence to any ensemble is easy with this necklace. Elegant and distinctive, the Celtic knot necklace is composed of high-quality materials to last a lifetime. There’s no doubt that wearing this necklace will elevate any outfit, be it casual or formal.

Necklace with a Wolf Head

If you’re a wolf fan, you’ll adore this necklace! It has a wolf’s head that is meticulously crafted from high-quality materials and is built to last. You may wear this necklace to demonstrate your passion for wolves or to add some flair to your outfit. Whatever the reason, this necklace is sure to be a hit. Get yours now!

Vegvisir Symbol Pendant Necklace

Anyone who wishes to go through life with grace will love this sterling silver necklace. Vegvisir is a symbol that has been around for a long time. Finding a new career, a romantic relationship, or simply a general direction in life is made easier when you have a necklace like this by your side to help you along the way.

A 10th-century Icelandic rune stone bears the Vegvisir sign. Wearing it in inclement weather is meant to aid its wearer’s navigation. Modern practitioners of Asatru and Pagan religions typically wear the sign as a necklace. Check out Vegvisir’s jewelry if you’re seeking for something unique and fascinating!

Unisex cross necklace

You can show both your Scandinavian roots and your Christian beliefs at the same time with this cross necklace’s broad chain! The complex Viking motifs adorn the durable steel metal cross, making it a gorgeous and one-of-a-kind accessory.


Women who wear Viking necklaces might wear them as a reminder of their strength and power. It doesn’t matter what your own style is or what you’re searching for in a piece of jewelry, there are many gorgeous alternatives to pick from.

Necklace with a Tree of Life Symbol

A woman wearing a delicate chain and a tree of life pendant necklace has a distinct aura about her. For some, it is a reminder that all life is interrelated because of the necklace’s development and progress meaning. It doesn’t matter why we wear these necklaces; they make a strong statement about the woman we are today. A few samples of tree of life necklaces for ladies are shown below.

With other types of jewelry, Viking necklaces can be paired with the best of both worlds.

The Viking leather bracelet is a must-have for every enthusiast of Nordic culture’s style. This stunning leather bracelet boasts complex Viking-inspired motifs and is sure to turn heads. Even if you don’t plan on using it for identification, this bracelet is guaranteed to draw attention. You’ll love the look of this leather bracelet on your wrist.

The Odin Ring, a Norse god-like adornment for your Viking attire, is here! It has a delicate filigree pattern that adds to its beauty. The ring is made of sterling silver and may be sized to suit any finger comfortably. It comes packaged in a jewelry box, making it the ideal present for a friend or loved one.